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Lundhags is an iconic Swedish outdoor brand owned by the Norwegian sports and outdoor group Brav. Ever since 1932, when Jonas Lundhag opened his small shoe factory on Frösön in Jämtland, we have been aiming for making products that last a long time - this is sustainable for real.

Sustainability by BRAV

In Nature

Forest, mountain, sea. The endless horizons and seasonal changes. Nature means everything to us – we hike in it, we’re inspired by it, develop equipment to stay out in it and our mission is to inspire others to get out and enjoy nature too. We’re simply mad about nature.

And our love of nature comes with an important insight: That everything we do affects the environment around us. We want to do our best to keep this impact as minimal as possible – so nature can continue to be as wild, beautiful and unspoilt as it always has been.

We take responsibility in all parts of our business - from the activity we make products for, to the materials and production and the fact that our products are made to last.

We often say that sustainability has been in our DNA from 1932 until today, and into the future. See what we have done and what we plan to do.

Our products should fulfil their purpose, be functional and have a wide range of uses.

Our Sustainability Strategy

To ensure a systematic approach to sustainability, we adhere to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Of the seventeen global goals, we have chosen six focus areas.

These are the most relevant to our business, to those who work for us and use our products, and to our focus on the planet:

  • Good health and well-being (UN goal no. 3).
  • Decent work and economic growth (UN goal no. 8).
  • Responsible consumption and production (UN goal no. 12)
  • Climate action (UN goal no. 13)
  • Life below water (UN goal no. 14)
  • Clean water and sanitation & Life on land (UN goals no’s 6 and 15).

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"We shall use as little as possible of the earths resources."

Sustainability from raw materials to end product

How will we live up to our sustainability goals?
We want to be transparent about how far we have come and what is still left to do. Since our product categories differ in terms of the type of materials, production methods etc, we have chosen to analyze them separately.

Social responsibility at BRAV.com

More about how we work with product development and sustainability.
Read more about our product development.

No one can do everything but everyone can do something!

You can also play your part in reducing the environmental impact of your outdoor products.
Here are a few things to think about:
How to help - Shop Consciously

"Its about our nature, the wild animals and future generations"

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