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Hållbart på riktigt

For us, this means making products that stand the test of time – ideally for a lifetime. Products that can be loved, looked after and repaired – over and over again. Products that carry our memories and can be handed down through the generations. Making long-lasting products is the most sustainable strategy there is. This is our strategy. The figure below shows how sustainability permeates everything we do – from production and materials to our visions. Our vision is to be your lifelong partner.

"We provide inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle and have a sustainable vision"

Lundhags inspires people to get out into nature and go hiking. Hiking is a fantastic activity, it’s not about being first, it’s not about being the best or about performance. It’s about the experience, about going at your own pace and exploring, on your own terms. Nature has an amazing capacity to heal. Fresh air and low-intensity activity are also very good for our health. Our mission: “We want to inspire and empower people to live a sustainable life through all-year trekking”.

The most sustainable is what lasts. That’s why we strive to ensure our products should last as long as possible – ideally for a lifetime. Our boots are good example of this. Every part of them is incredibly durable, but even the best boots wear out when they’re used mile after mile, year after year. So we’ve built them to ensure the worn out parts can be replaced and the damaged parts repaired. This way, the boots last longer. Much longer.
The fact is that it’s not unusual for our shoemaker to bring Lundhags boots that are more than thirty years old. And it’s not unusual for us to receive love letters – written to our boots! But having long-lasting products is not enough. Our customers who wear them must want to wear them their whole lives as well. So we want to make products that last beyond short-term trends. Which age with dignity. Which you want to use for the rest of your life and give to your children. We summarize this in our vision: “Lundhags – a life-long companion.”

We choose sustainable materials.

Behind our sustainable products are durable materials that fulfil their function. It sounds pretty easy, but it’s a big challenge. It’s actually not very easy to product clothing which is water-proof, water repellent and ventilates without chemical finishes. But sometimes nature is better than artificial treatments. For example, merino wool can hold water up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp. That’s why we use merino wool in all of our undergarments. We only use wool from sheep who have not been subjected to museling.
We use organically-grown cotton and recycled polyester and the dyeing process is done in an eco-friendly way (as eco-friendly as possible). All of our leather comes from Europe and is tanned in closed systems. For this reason many of our materials have environmental certifications. But there are more items on our list. We strive to use clean chemicals, recycled and recyclable materials and to minimize the dependency on oil.
The aim is for all of our materials is to have no negative environmental impact at all. It will take time, hard work and great focus, and we have to work together with our partners. So we choose suppliers who are the absolute leaders in terms of quality and environment.

Lundhags’ promise:

• Our products are free from fluorocarbons and silver ions.
• Our wool is museling-free.
• Our cotton is organic.

Sustainable production

Manufacturing, dyeing, machines, consumables. Everything affects the footprint we leave. That’s why we’re working towards the most sustainable production process possible – at every stage. We’re also continuously monitoring our packaging, freight, marketing, meetings and everything else that can affect our environmental impact

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