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The Mountaineers


The Mountaineers

Lundhags x The Mountaineers

For the promotion and development of long, sustainable trips in our Scandinavian mountains. For knowledge, feeling, experience, and lifelong memories.

To attract more people to our beautiful mountains up north, Torkel and Annica Ideström have created an exciting challenge in The Mountaineers White and Green Ribbon. The idea came when the couple carried out the “Around Sweden Expedition” back in 1997, and thought that it was time to create an equivalent to the Sea Paddlers' Blue Ribbon (HBB), which had been a recognized challenge for many years.

The Mountaineers White and Green Ribbon means that you go from Grövelsjön in the south to the Three-Country Cairn in the north, or the other way around. A “nice” trip of about 1300 km. The tour should be carried out as a continuous trip, without long breaks or outside help. It can be done all year round – the color of the band indicates during which season the tour was conducted.

We at Lundhags are happy to be able to support and inspire both new and experienced mountaineers who, like us, are Mad about Nature!
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