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5 Great family Ski Tours in Norway

5 Great Family Ski Tours in Norway

Embark on a winter adventure with mountain skiing in Norway, where the true winter wonderland awaits. As temperatures drop below freezing, the ski season begins! Mountain skiing offers a fantastic way to explore nature without relying on groomed tracks, bringing you closer to the wilderness.

What Are Mountain Skis?

Mountain skiing is about using your own power to traverse snowy terrains. These skis are designed for all types of snow, providing the freedom to explore untouched landscapes. Different types of mountain skis are available for various activities, from trail skiing to telemarking and summit tours.

Choosing the Right Ski Tours

Avoid long ski tours early in the season. Opt for areas below the tree line where you can retreat to forested areas if the weather worsens. As the season progresses, move to higher mountains and plateaus. Check the weather forecast and inform others of your route.

Top Family Ski Tours in Norway

  • Rondane: Located in eastern Norway, Rondane offers stable weather, 2000-meter peaks, and marked trails. Ideal for families with children over 12 years old.
  • Hardangervidda: Northern Europe's largest mountain plateau. Suitable for long tours, summit trips, and family adventures. Experience the wilderness from Finse to Haukeliseter, with daily stages of 16 to 28 kilometers.
  • Sunnmørsalpene: Alpine mountains around Hjørundfjorden with peaks up to 1700 meters. Blæja (1420 meters) offers a relatively easy climb with stunning views. Start your trip at Villa Norangdal Hotel.
  • Jotunheimen: Home to Norway's highest peaks, Jotunheimen offers breathtaking views and easy climbs. Begin your journey at the historic Turtagrø Hotel, accessing several significant peaks.
  • Valdresflye: Spring skiing on Valdresflye is a must! Enjoy cross-country skiing into May, with opportunities for ski touring, kite skiing, dog sledding, and picnicking with views of Jotunheimen's majestic peaks.

Explore Troms with Skis

Inner Troms offers solitude and stunning Northern Lights experiences. It requires winter mountain experience and good navigation skills, with huts relatively close to each other.

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No matter your skiing style, proper clothing is crucial. The Abisku collection provides maximum protection and mobility, allowing you to perform your best in challenging conditions. Perfect for all winter activities, even in fine weather.