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Olas’s boot story

In search of the oldest Lundhags boot

Ola's boot story

“Here’s a picture of my and my wife Magdalena’s boots. They were purchased in 1981 and 1983, respectively.

Magdalena’s were bought for our first mountain tour together. The tour went from Hemavan to Viterskalsstugan-Syterstugan and then down to northern Fjällnäs. We lost a pair of sunglasses and, stupidly, neither of us wanted to be the one wearing the remaining pair at the other’s expense. By the time we got back to civilization, we were both snow-blind. We spent a few days under a blanket for the darkness. It seems to have worked out for us though, because we’ve been together ever since. There have been many trips since then, and the boots still get a little love now and then. They’ve been repaired here and there, but so have we.

The picture of Magdalena is from the mountain tour, with her boots on. She has gaiters on over her boots.

Best regards,
Ola Friström”