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Lundhags 90 years - 1932-2022

Mad about nature since 1932

Lundhags 90 years - 1932-2022

This year it is 90 years since Jonas Lundhag launched his first boot from his small shoe factory on Frösön in Jämtland, Sweden. However, the story begins long before that because already as an 8-year-old he sketched on his first boot. With a strong vision of creating boots adapted to our Swedish mountain conditions and so well designed that they will last a lifetime. And preferably longer.

Today, 90 years later, we can proudly see that we have managed and refined Jonas' vision over the years. A lot has happened and today Lundhags is a brand that offers boots, clothes, backpacks and nordic skates. What has not changed is our mission, which even today, 90 years later, is to inspire people to live a sustainable life through hiking and outdoor life all year round. We work with this today, tomorrow and in the future.

Boots for generations

Our boots are not only walking in the mountains, they are also walking over generations. We often get stories about boots inherited from grandparents who have been given new life through a renovation in our shoe factory. This is exactly what makes our products have such a long life, they are designed to be repaired and with a timeless design. According to studies, the most sustainable way to consume is to nurture the products we already have and give them the conditions for a long life.

The future

With a long history, we are of course looking forward to an exciting future. Lundhags will be a complete brand that offers all what we need to stay in nature - from the inside out, from top to toe. Many new products are ahead of us and we look forward to writing even more history - of course still according to Jonas Lundhag's vision.

Searching for the oldest Lundhags boot

To celebrate our vision and history, we want to start the search of the oldest Lundhags boot. How far back can we go? How old are your boots? Do you have a pair of old boots or do you know someone who has? What story do they carry? Send to us!