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Josefina, Susanna & Magdalena’s boot story

In search of the oldest Lundhags boot

Josefina, Susanna & Magdalena's boot story

“In 1974, our mom & dad took the car from Lidingö up to Jämtland to find a holiday cottage and ended up in Järpen.

There they met community police officer Hallebratt, who also acted as a realtor in the village. He showed them a small house up on Hallvägen, and after meeting the friendly neighbors Emma & Karl-Erik Berglund, the deal was done.

In the summer of 1974, dad bought his first and only Lundhags.

They’re now almost 50 years old, with the original leather straps, and we children and grandchildren still frequently wear them when we’re up at the cottage.

(The picture below shows Juha heading out into the forest wearing the boots.)

Best regards, Josefina, Susanna & Magdalena”