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Åke’s boot story

In search of the oldest Lundhags boot

Åke's boot story

"I’ve submitted the picture of my faithful old Compass Sareks before. I bought the boots in 1976 in Gothenburg (I think it was at Udéns Sport). My wife Annika and daughter Malin and I were going on our first mountain hike in Grövelsjöfjällen with all the equipment, i.e. tent, sleeping bags and Trangia stove. Naturally, we also needed sturdy hiking boots, and we chose the aforementioned Lundhags boots.

The boots are still going strong, now as work boots at our holiday home in southern Dalarna. It would of be good for them to get a couple of new soles after so many miles of hiking. But now I’ve supplemented my collection with a pair of Jaure Mids (purchased in 2016) and then a pair of Vandra Highs (purchased in 2019). I wear the newer hiking boots on and off almost every day. It probably goes without saying that I’m happy! I’ve had a shoe repairer replace the soles a couple of times in recent years.
Thank you for your great quality boots and other leisure equipment!

/Åke Brodén"