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Nordic Skating


Nordic Skating

Discover the Thrill of Nordic Skating

Nordic skating is an exhilarating way to enjoy winter. With the right technique, gear, and ice knowledge, you can have a safe and thrilling experience. Here are essential tips to get started.

Gear and Preparation

  • Check Your Gear: Ensure skates, boots, and safety equipment are in top condition. Boots should fit snugly. For new boots, wear them wet for an hour to mold them to your feet.
  • Short Skates: Opt for skates around 45 cm for better flexibility and control.

Skating Techniques

  • Practice Early: Start on artificially frozen ice.
  • Use Plowed Tracks: Safe for practicing technique.
  • Learn from Experts: Skate with experienced skaters and mimic their techniques.
  • Proper Stance: Keep knees slightly bent, push off sideways, and use your body weight efficiently.

Essential Safety Equipment

  • Ice Spike: For checking ice thickness.
  • Lifeline: Keep it accessible and practice using it.
  • Ice Studs: Wear around your neck or on your backpack’s strap.
  • Waterproof Backpack: Acts as a life jacket with a crotch strap.
  • Company: Never skate alone; always have companions.

Understanding Ice Conditions

  • Core Ice: Needs to be at least 5 cm thick on lakes. Add a safety margin for larger areas.
  • Loose Ice: Grey ice should be at least 7 cm on lakes and 9 cm on larger surfaces. Be cautious of snow-covered ice, as 2 cm of snow reduces ice growth by 90%.

Join Organized Tours

Join a skating group to find companions and learn quickly. Group skating enhances safety and enjoyment.

Embrace the freedom and beauty of Nordic skating. Equip yourself properly, stay safe, and enjoy the winter landscapes.