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Guide Nordic Skating

Att köpa Långfärdsskridskor

Lundhags Nordic Ice skates, crafted from recycled steel and produced in Sweden, are designed to enhance your long-distance ice skating experience. Also known as Nordic skates, our long-distance skates are engineered for comfort, stability, and extended adventures on the ice.

Why Choose Lundhags Ice Skates?

Sustainable Manufacturing: Made from recycled steel, our skates support environmental sustainability. Swedish Craftsmanship: Produced in Sweden, our skates reflect a commitment to quality and durability. Enhanced Performance: Designed for long-distance comfort, stability, and warmth, ensuring a superior skating experience. Whether you are a beginner looking for a reliable pair of skates or an experienced skater seeking advanced options, Lundhags has the perfect skates for your needs. Enjoy the beauty of long-distance skating with confidence and comfort on Lundhags cross-country skates.

Designed for Long-Distance Comfort

Our skates are perfectly paired with our comfortable and stable skate boots, ensuring warmth even during the coldest rides. The combination of high-quality materials and thoughtful design makes these skates ideal for long-distance adventures on natural ice.

Versatile Binding Options

We offer a range of skates to suit different needs and preferences, from basic to advanced models:

  • Basic Skates: Equipped with universal bindings that fit regular boots, ideal for beginners or casual skaters.
  • Advanced Skates:
    • Featuring BC binding,
    • NNN BC binding, or the
    • new Xplore binding,

All these skates provide enhanced performance and a more tailored fit for serious skaters.