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Care & repair

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Care & repair

Repairing Your Outdoor Gear

Common damages include tears, abrasions, and pocket mishaps, which are usually easy to repair. Even durable materials can get damaged. Here’s how to repair clothes, boots, and backpacks yourself.

Essential Repair Supplies

  • At Home: Sewing thread, needle, repair patches (self-adhesive or glue-on), buttons, zippers, sewing machine.
  • On the Go: Needle, thread, and smart repair patches.

Preventing Damage to Clothes

  • Be mindful around fires.
  • Wear clothes properly; ensure trousers fit correctly.
  • Don’t leave food in pockets.
  • Choose the right size to avoid unnecessary wear and seam stress.

Down Care

Washing and Caring for Down Products

  • Down is Tough: Proper care ensures longevity.
  • Avoid Wet Down: Wet down loses insulation, but getting it wet won't harm it.
  • Easy to Wash: Washing a down jacket is similar to washing jeans.
  • Infrequent Washing: Wash a couple of times a year, preferably at the end of the season.
  • Spot Cleaning: Remove stains instead of washing the whole garment.
  • Use Specific Detergent: Follow label instructions. Regular detergents can strip natural oils and leave residue.
  • Minimal Detergent: Too much soap prevents down from lofting. Run an extra rinse cycle to remove all soap.

Repairing Your Down Jacket

  • Popular and Lightweight: Down garments are warm and light but can tear easily.
  • Small Tears: Use nylon repair tape from an outdoor shop. Cut a piece 1.5 cm larger than the tear, round the corners, and stick it on.
  • Large Rips: Consider professional repair for bigger damage.

Merino Wool Care

Merino wool is durable, smooth, and ideal for stylish, sustainable, and functional clothing.

General Tips

  • Odor Resistance: Merino wool doesn't hold bad odors, so it doesn't need frequent washing. Airing it out is often enough. Hang the garment outside your tent or on your backpack while hiking to refresh it.

Washing Instructions

  • Air It: Air out the garment between washes.
  • Detergent: Use wool-specific detergent (e.g., TOKO Careline Eco Wool Wash).
  • Wash Program: Use the wool wash program at 30°C with gentle centrifugation.
  • Colors: Wash with similar colors.
  • Reshape: Reshape the garment when wet.
  • Ironing: Low ironing.
  • Avoid: Do not use softener, chlorine, dry clean, or tumble dry.
  • Care Info: Follow the care instructions on the garment.

Lundhags Waterproof/Shell products Care

Proper care is essential for maintaining the performance of your shell garments, especially since they use non-fluorocarbon DWR treatments.

General Tips

  • Keep Clean and Impregnated: Regular washing and re-impregnation are crucial to retain water resistance and breathability. Dirt and sweat clog the pores, reducing functionality.
  • Re-impregnation: After washing, use spray impregnation for the best results. "Wash-in" impregnation in the washing machine also works. Re-activate impregnation with heat, but avoid excessive heat to protect taped seams.

Washing Instructions

  • Preparation: Remove dirt, close zippers, buttons, and velcro before washing.
  • Wash Program: Wash inside out at 40°C with similar colors.
  • Detergent: Do not use softener or chlorine.
  • Drying: Low tumble dry or no tumble dry; follow garment care instructions.
  • Ironing: Low ironing.
  • Care Info: Always follow the care instructions on the garment.

Repairing Your Garment

  • Taped Seams: If the garment breaks, contact a tailor for repairs on taped seams.

LPC/Hybrids Care (most of our pants and jackets)

Washing instructions

Lundhags Polyester & Cotton Mix (LPC), is our own versatile material, a recycled and organic blend. Our LPC material composition is 65% certified, recycled polyester, and 35% organic cotton from Turkey.

LPC and LPC/Stretch Hybrid

  • To be washed with similar colors
  • Close zipper/buttons before washing
  • Close velcro before washing
  • Wash 40 degree
  • Mid ironing
  • Low dry tumble or No dry tumble - Follow care info in garment
  • Do not use softener or chlorine
  • Do not dry clean
  • Wash inside out
  • Follow care info in garment
  • We recommend TOKO Eco Textile Wash

LPC /LWP - Hybrid LPC/Waterproof

  • To be washed with similar colors
  • Remove dirt before wash
  • Close zipper/buttons before washing
  • Close velcro before washing
  • Do not use softener or chlorine
  • Wash 40 degree, Do not dry clean
  • Wash inside out
  • Do not dry tumble
  • Follow care info in garment
  • We recommend washing with TOKO Eco Textile wash and then reimpregnating it with Eco Textile proof or Eco Wash-in proof