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Fake websites

Fake websites

Tips on how to avid buying from fake websites

Keep in mind that:

Check the web address (pay attention to the spelling and which top-level domain follows (for example .se, .nu etc)

Do not rely on the closed lock icon (padlock) as a guarantee that the page is secure.

Check the range and above all the prices of the goods, are they reasonable?

How should the payment take place, in Swedish kronor, via Klarna? Be alert if the company instead wants to be paid in dollars or via PayPal in the checkout.

How did you end up on the website? Did you enter the URL yourself or did you end up there via an ad on social media?

Notice the language. Several of the sites use automatic translations, which sometimes means that wording can be completely wrong.


If you as a consumer pay by invoice or credit card, your purchase is covered by the Consumer Credit Act. This means you have extra protection to lean on if something happens.

Block your card for internet purchases. Then it is not possible to use your card remotely if the card details have been sold. Then unlock the lock when you are going to shop online yourself.