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Bleib trocken - Wähle wasserdicht

Stay Dry - Choose waterproof

"Is it waterproof?"

Shell jacket or rain jacket? Waterproof or water-repellent? One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is whether the garments are waterproof or not.

And of course it is uncomfortable to get wet and in addition you can get cold - this means that we often want garments that are as waterproof as possible. But the more waterproof a garment is, the more it traps its own steam / sweat and then you get wet from the inside.

Our waterproof garments are developed for activities such as hiking. Hiking is a low-intensity activity that requires clothes that breathe well so that the heat that is generated is transported out of the garments to the air at the same time, the outer garment must protect from water and wind. For us, it is thus about finding the perfect balance between good breathability and good waterproofness for hiking and similar activity.

From water-repellent to waterproof

  • 2000 mm water column is water-repellent.
  • 5000 mm is waterproof but only for light rain or shorter periods in heavy rain.
  • 10000 mm and above is waterproof and should withstand heavy rain for several hours.

To consider when choosing waterproof shell garments for hiking and trekking

  • Take care of your things - Be sure to take care of your rainwear, wash it properly and re-impregnate it if necessary
  • Choose garments with taped seams and a waterproof zipper
  • Make sure they are adjustable in the hood, foot and sleeves so that water cannot get in that way
  • Remember to fit a sweater or thinner insulation jacket if you want to be able to use your rain jacket even when it is raining in the winter and when it gets colder
  • When we hike or hike, we often have a backpack and it becomes important that the jacket does not have pockets or zippers that can create chafing
  • When you try on your garments - try to move properly so that you see that the jacket and trousers are sufficiently opaque and do not slip.