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Second Hand

Lundhags X Tradera

Lundhags has a collaboration with Tradera and opened its own store at the trading site in 2023. Through the collaboration, we want to develop our own secondhand offer and at the same time promote a more sustainable and circular lifestyle.

Visit Lundhags Store at Tradera here.

Second Hand is the new Black

As consumer behavior changes, second hand will become an increasingly central part of our business model. We are already noticing how the interest in second-hand quality is not only increasing among younger generations, but also among older people.

Since the start in 1932, Lundhags has had the ambition to manufacture products that should last a lifetime and be easy to repair. In the own stores in Gothenburg, Insjön, Järpen and Stockholm, you can return both Lundhag's clothes and boots and have them repaired. Some of the stores also buy used Lundhag products that are washed and, if necessary, repaired and then sold in one of the physical stores and now also at Tradera.

Through the collaboration, we want to encourage more people to sell what they don't use and inspire a more circular lifestyle. The advantage of cooperating with a well-known digital trading site like Tradera is that we can quickly increase the turnover of used products.