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Linnea Lundkvist

Digital creator

Linnea Lundkvist

Meet our Lundhags friend Linnea who lives in the most northern part of Sweden.

"I am very fond of home, although I have visited many beautiful and exciting places, there is nowhere I would rather live than here."

It is obvious that we have found a perfect match in Linnea Lundkvist, who, in addition to being a photographer, is also a content creator and graphic producer, with nature as both work and soul place. Linnea grew up in Jukkasjärvi, and loves the landscape up north. Right now she lives mostly in the small mountain village Vassijaure, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, at the foot of the mountain Vassitjåkka. She describes herself as very home-loving, and when we see her photos it is not difficult to understand why. Not at all.

White expanses, shining northern lights, pink shimmering skies, and snow, snow, snow. Linnea's instagram makes you dream away to exciting expeditions on skis, snowmobile excursions, starry nights, and golden coffee moments with the mountains as a backdrop.

What does nature mean to you?

“It pretty much means everything. I grew up with the forest and the mountains close by, and I could never live without nature. I'm outdoors every day.”

What is the best thing about being outdoors?

“You feel that you are alive. The list goes on and on, but the peace and energy I get from being outside is difficult to be without.”

Crisp air, snow and northern lights

Autumn and winter are best, then comes the crisp air, the colors and the snow. The northern lights start dancing at night, and there are mushrooms and berries to pick before the frost. Kayaking is a big interest, and when the snow comes, many hours are spent snowboarding and skiing. Apart from that, Linnea drinks a lot of coffee, and loves to sit back and just enjoy life.

The nature experiences are photographed, and in her print shop there are many magical moments to put up on the wall at home, as a reminder of all the beauty that can be found outdoors: “The polar night period is the most beautiful period, if you ask me. When the sun rests below the horizon (for just over a month), we get an extraordinarily beautiful light in the middle of the day that is magical for a photographer like me! The days are a bit cold and rough, but I like it. It's a kind of calm over the polar night period that I love. ”

"A perfect day is probably the day after a snowstorm when the winds have calmed down and it is completely quiet outside the house."

The home mountains, the forest and the cottage are the favorite places, simply because the love for the home area is so great, and because there is something special about experiencing nature you know well: “you get a deeper connection in a way. No two days are the same, and there is always something new to discover if you open your eyes and see even the small in the big. I guess I am very fond of home, although I have visited many beautiful and exciting places, there is nowhere I would rather live than here.”

What has been your best adventure so far?

“The coolest thing was probably when I parachuted. The feeling of falling from the sky, and seeing Vassitjåkka from high above. And when the parachute unfolded it became completely silent, and we sailed down. Such a great experience that I would love to do again!”

What does a perfect outdoor day look like?

"It is probably the day after a snowstorm, when the winds have calmed down and it is really quiet outside the house. I wake up and go out for the nine o'clock coffee with my dog, the storm has given us lots of fresh snow, and the sun is shining. We go out on the mountain, either with touring skis or splitboard. We eat a good lunch, take photos, and let the day have its way. For dinner, we might get some char, if we are lucky ​​– my boyfriend loves to ice fish, and so when I get a bigger fish than him, the happiness is enormous. In the evening I go out with the dog, the northern lights dance, and then we fall asleep like logs after a whole day outdoors!”

What are you looking forward to right now?

“Now I look forward to the spring winter, when the sun starts to warm a bit, and to some nice rides and maybe some tent nights in the mountains. I also look forward to being able to visit our beautiful neighboring country in the west. I basically live on the border to Norway and can not wait to go there and tour again!”