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Linda Åkerberg

Adventurer, photographer and writer.

Linda Åkerberg

Meet the Lundhags friend Linda. Adventurer, photographer and writer.

To dare to say yes, try new things and not let ignorance or obstacles stand in the way of one's dreams, it has become a bit of Linda Åkerberg's mantra in life.

In 2016, she hiked without almost any hiking experience on the long-distance Pacific Crest Trail in the USA, 428 km between Mexico and Canada, and since then the adventures have taken turns. She has, among other things, lived dog sledding life north of the Arctic Circle, walked through the jungles of the Himalayas, climbed Kilimanjaro and traveled by train between adventures in Europe. Most recently, she has been the first person to travel through all of Sweden's landscapes, entirely for her own machine. This by hiking, biking and paddling. With the trip, she wanted to explore Sweden's nature, but also show that you do not have to travel around the world in search of the perfect adventure. Often it is enough to just walk out the door.

With a basic photography education, she finances her adventures partly as a photographer, but also as a writer, lecturer, inspirer, tour guide and through her own blog: Wilderness Stories