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Johan Matgeek Hedberg

Outdoor chef

Johan "Matgeek" Hedberg

Meet our Lundhags friend "Matgeek" - a true inspiration in many ways.

"Matgeek" was the working name when the blog was born, and it lived on when Johan, after a few years, realized that it was much more fun to film his cooking instead of just writing down the recipes. That’s when he started the YouTube channel with the same name, and ever since then the wheels have kept on turning. Now, 12 years later, Johan “Matgeek” Hedberg fills his days with running both the channel that still goes strong, and his own food project Matgeek's sauces & stir-fries.

Why do you enjoy cooking so much?

“Because there’s always something new and exciting to discover. It never ends. There are so many different ingredients, cooking methods and cultures. The learning never stops.”

The childhood love lives on

But food isn’t his only passion, his heart also beats for nature and the outdoors. Johan grew up in Sala outside of Stockholm, but the love for nature could grow freely at his grandparents' farm in the countryside, where they used to do a lot of fishing and hunting. And that love has just kept on growing. We are probably many who agree that the forest can have a calming effect on our, often elevated, everyday pulse, and an ability to lower our stress-height shoulders: “It sounds like a cliché but is completely true – the body really slows down to a different pace when you are out in nature."

Do you have a favorite place, why?

“The mountains up in Sälen (Dalarna, Sweden)! We've had a cabin there since I was little. So to now be able to experience the same things that my parents did with me and my brother with my own children, is absolutely fantastic. Late summer is the best season, with pleasant temperatures for tent nights, beautiful evenings, and mushroom and berry picking. Also, nothing beats a slightly crispy and clear autumn morning.”

What fun will happen in 2022?

“We will do more cooking in the wilderness. And finally we will make a video series about our fishing. The dream project would also be to go horseback riding on Iceland.”

What is a MUST to cook and enjoy out in nature?

“A cup of hot chocolate out on a mountain. Those are some unbeatable childhood memories right there!”

About Johan

Name: Johan Hedberg

Born: 1976

Lives: Uppsala

Occupation: Runs the Youtube channel “Matgeek” as well as his own food project Matgeek's sauces & stir-fries.

Other interests: travel, skiing and family activities.

Three important (things in life): family, the fluffy Leonberger Winston, and chocolate.

Favorite Lundhags garment: Ocke Ms Jacket – “I have always loved shell jackets and this one I live in during both autumn, winter and spring. There is something about the placement of the pockets that just makes me completely happy. ”

Outdoor days per year: 365