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Buying Guide - Boots

Choose hiking boots

Here's a quick guide to finding the right Lundhags boot, crafted with shoemaking expertise since 1932:

  • Shell Boot: Exceptional durability for lifetime use, designed to dry quickly in wet Nordic mountains and with great protection and stability when carrying backpack.
  • Allround Boots and Shoes: Versatile and comfortable, ideal for lighter hikes.
  • Winterboots: Functional, durable and super warm removable wool felt inner boot that you easily can take out and dry. 

High-Cut Shell Boots

A trekking boot with higher shaft will give your ankle and instep more stability - choose high-cut Shell Boots if you want a really stable boot and plan to hike longer distances with heavy backpack in tough wet terrain. We have both medium or wide fit.

Mid-cut Boots

Medium-high boots offer excellent ankle support while remaining smooth and comfortable. The Tjakke Shell Boot is a popular, lightweight model with a slim fit. The Vandra Shell Boot, a best-seller, is available in both high and mid-cut styles. For immediate comfort, our Bjerg and Stuore models provide versatile allround options.

Low-cut Allround Shoes

Our high-quality boots bridge the gap between urban environments and the mountains, excelling in both worlds. Developed for outdoor enthusiasts who value function and comfort, they deliver uncompromised quality and Nordic authenticity.

Winter Boots

Our Skare family consists of warm winter boots featuring a removable wool felt inner boot that can be easily taken out for drying. Their craftsmanship and high-quality materials ensure exceptional durability, while the fit and comfort will make you want to wear them often. The shell principle protects your feet in any season or weather. Our winter Shell Boots feature a felt-lined insole for added warmth. Choose between Skare Mid and the hardcore Skare Expedition.