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Om Turskoene våre

You can walk a long time in a pair of Lundhags boots. Really long. Even an entire lifetime. The craftsmanship and chosen materials make them extremely durable, while the fit and comfort mean that you will want to wear them often. The shell principle protects your feet, no matter what the season or weather.


Lundhags boots are built on a craftsmanship and a quality that will endure all your long term efforts. If you care for them properly, they will last even longer. At our shoemaker's shop, you even have the possibility to get service and repairs if needed. Thus, it is easy to not only get a pair of boots, but also a new friend for life.

Craftsmanship since 1932

We believe that experience, trade knowledge, and intuition are factors that are hard to replace. So, we have never tried to. Of course, we use modern technology, but we will always be shoemakers, literally. That we can work, sew, feel and approve with our hands is our legacy. Every detail in a Lundhags boot should fulfill a function and every material should be the best for the purpose.

We know leather

We have worked with leather for more than 90 years. It is the basic foundation in our boots and a part of our Lundhags brand name. The majority of our boots use full-grain leather. The most durable is from the outermost part of the hide. And we have not mentioned the best part. A leather that is cared for gets better with age.

Waterproof bottom

You won't get far without a good foundation. The lower part of Lundhags boots is manufactured in a material that is completely waterproof and provides stability even when carrying a heavy load and walking in trackless terrain. In Certech EXP, the outer layer is comprised of light and durable Liba Smart, while the inner is a microfibre for a comfortable feel against the legs and ankle. Lundhags soles can handle more than just standing and walking on. The pattern of the outsole is well-conceived and made for the best grip on tough terrain. A dampening and stabilising material between the outsole and foot provides increased comfort and a more forgiving step.

One-Layer Boots

The classic Lundhags boot is built on a 1-layer construction, with a layer of leather in the shaft and without a midlayer or lining. This results in a supple shaft that forms around the foot and leg. A durable and waterproof cellular rubber bottom is under your feet, and the classic Lundhags feel is there from the first step.

The Shell Principle: Simple and Ingenious

Our boots follow the shell principle. Instead of layering multiple materials together, we keep the layers separate to allow moisture to escape rather than trapping it inside. Just like layering clothes to regulate temperature and manage moisture, our boots function as outerwear for your feet.

The outer layer offers durable weather protection and keeps your feet secure with excellent heel grip. From the outsole and rubber base to the full-grain leather shaft, we don't compromise on quality. Inside, you can adjust the insole and wear two pairs of socks, allowing you to adapt the thickness based on activity and weather conditions.

The absence of a fixed lining helps the boots dry faster, while the interchangeable socks and insole provide a flexible solution to regulate temperature and manage moisture. Starting the day with a dry boot ensures a comfortable hike. Two pairs of socks also help minimize friction.

Our boots are designed for layering with wool socks and insoles for maximum warmth and moisture control. Our socks, like our boots, are carefully developed for optimal performance. Some are fully lined with terry cloth, while others have ventilated uppers with air pockets. Wool absorbs moisture while keeping your feet warm and comfortable. The shell principle ensures a versatile system that adapts to your needs and keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

Choosing the Right Sock

Our boots follow the shell principle, functioning as outerwear for your feet. To maximize comfort and functionality, supplement them with two pairs of wool socks and an insole.

  • Summer: Two pairs of thinner socks.
  • Winter: One thin sock and one thicker sock.

Wearing two pairs reduces friction against the skin, lowering the risk of blisters. The thin inner sock (liner) is like long underwear, made of moisture-wicking merino wool that warms even when wet. The outer sock is thicker and reinforced with felt or terry cloth for durability and extra moisture absorption.

  • Layer 1: A thin, snug liner made of merino wool.
  • Layer 2: A thicker, cushioned sock for added comfort, durability, and insulation.

The shell principle makes our boots versatile for year-round use. Our winter boots, which follow the same design, have removable felt wool inner boots to keep your feet warm and dry.

Lasting a lifetime & repairable

A Lundhags boot is designed to be comfortable from day one and to remain comfortable through years of use. Our most advanced boots, like the Syncro, consist of 68 unique parts, each serving a specific function. This complex design demands high craftsmanship but offers significant advantages to the wearer. We prioritize function by removing unnecessary features. If a part wears out, our shoemakers in Järpen can replace it, ensuring repairs and sole replacements even after 20 years of use. Though not cheap to manufacture, these boots are a long-term investment, lasting for many years and steps.

One-Layer Boots

Three-Layer Boots

As the name implies, our 3-layer boots are more built up in their design and insulate more than 1-layer boots. The shaft is comprised of two leather layers with a layer of stabilizing Ariaprene® in between, giving high stability and unbeatable protection. The lower part is made of cellular rubber (Certech EXP) which is a flexible material together with the insole it creates a comfortable boot that also offers good cushioning.

Three-Layer Boots

Care guide

Take the time to care for your boots at regular intervals. We promise that it will pay off many times over. See the movie.

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