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Take Care of Nature and Wildlife

Take Care of Nature and Wildlife

Take care of nature Tips

Nature has room for everyone, and at Lundhags, we encourage as many people as possible to enjoy it. At the same time, we are committed to taking good care of nature and each other.

Whether you're hiking, trekking, or exploring the forest, in any season, Norway offers peaks and trails for every outdoor enthusiast.

The Outdoor Recreation Act grants us the right to roam the forests and fields, but it's essential to show respect and follow good outdoor etiquette. This not only means cleaning up after yourself but also understanding campfire regulations and how to navigate protected areas.

Outdoor Etiquette

Leave No Trace – Pack Out All Trash
When you leave your rest or camping spot, make sure you leave nothing behind but your footprints. Do not litter and leave the area as you would like to find it. This ensures a better experience for both you and the next visitor! Carry a bag in your backpack to collect your trash, and feel free to pick up any litter you find along the way.

Let’s encourage our followers to enjoy nature and to always leave it in a better condition than before. To pick up litter while hiking. To go pliking!

Respect Nature’s Toilet – Pack Out Your Paper
There may not always be a toilet available in the wilderness, so remember to bring extra bags and possibly a small trowel. Use public toilets where available, but if you’re far from one, dig a hole in the ground and cover it afterward. Collect used toilet paper in a bag and dispose of it properly. Keep a distance from trails, rest areas, and streams.

Respect Local Residents
Even though we have the right to roam freely in Norway, cabins and homes still deserve their private zones. Show consideration when parking and camping, and respect the local residents.

Observe Campfire Regulations
There is a general campfire ban from April 15 to September 15. During this period, it is prohibited to light fires in or near forests and uncultivated land. In very dry areas, fires are only allowed in designated fire pits. It is permitted to light a fire where it clearly cannot cause a fire, such as after heavy rain, on sand, and far from vegetation. Use common sense.

Respect Wildlife
Animals and birds are vulnerable. Keep your distance, close gates, and check access restrictions for the area you are in. Be mindful of wildlife, nesting birds, and grazing animals. Check for any travel restrictions if you plan to visit protected areas.

Leash Your Dogs
Familiarize yourself with the regulations regarding leash laws. From April 1 to August 20, you must keep your dog on a leash or securely enclosed to prevent it from chasing or harming livestock, poultry, reindeer, horses, or wildlife.

Be Considerate to Others
Many people love nature, and on beautiful autumn days, there may be many people in the forests and on mountain tops. Be considerate. If you plan to sleep outside in a tent or hammock, show respect for others and check the rules for the area you are in.

Enjoy Your Hike
A hike doesn’t have to be long and strenuous. Choose routes in your local area! Use your imagination and explore new hiking opportunities where others may not go. It's all about getting out there!

And when you’re outside, lift your gaze, look around, breathe in the fresh air, and feel how good it is. It’s easy to smile, both to yourself and to everyone you meet.