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Hiking Tips - Åre

Hiking Tips - Åre

4 Hiking Tips in Åre, Jämtland

Åre has easier and slightly harder tours. Just pick and choose, after your mood and ability. Here are four of our favourites.

1. Touring the Mountain Åreskutan

Time: 8–10 hours hiking.
Length: 24 km.
Difference in altitude: 490 m.

A long day or two more reasonably long days if you choose to overnight halfway in the village of Huså. Tenting somewhere along the way is of course a wonderful alternative. Follow the trail 211 around and enjoy the mountain views and the wild backside of Åreskutan. Hike clockwise or counter clockwise, both are beautiful.

2. The Easy vistas Hike

Time: 3 hours easy hiking.
Length: 9,6 km.
Difference in altitude: 490 m (most downhill).

With help from the VM6 lift, you can get a ways up the mountain. From the mountain Mörvikshummeln, follow easy hiking trail 210 west. Captivating views over the lake Åresjön, the valley Ullådalen and the mountain Mullfjället the entire way. At the river Tvärån, turn south and follow the gently sloping trail down the village of Åre.

3. Nicest way to the Top

Time : 3 strenuous hours.
Length: 7,2 km.
Difference in altitude: 1 000 m.

A classic with many ways of getting to the peak of Åreskutan, 1,420 metres above sea. A true peak tour on trail 215, which ends with a visit to the restaurant at the peak hut Toppstugan and an easy short hike down to the cable car (Kabinbana) mountain station, 140 metres of altitude below the peak. From there, take the cable car down.

4. Afternoon Tour

Time: 1.5 hours easy hiking.
Length: 4,2 km.
Difference in altitude: 280 m.

Take the Bergbana (mountain railway) up to the hotel Fjällgården and hike trail 213 around the mountain Totthummeln. Get to the top, enjoy the view and go back with the Bergbanan. Or walk Trollstigen (trail 212) down to the village and choose a suitable watering hole at the square in Åre, why not on a sunny outdoor terrace?

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