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Ala Mirza: "In nature, I feel alive."

Ala Mirza: "In nature, I feel alive"

During an early morning in the forest, as the sun's rays sneaked through the foliage and the birds' songs filled the air. There, amidst all this, she felt like a part of something greater – as if nature itself was speaking to her. It's a memory that has stuck with Ala. "Since that day, I've never doubted the power of nature," Ala says with a smile. "I know I can find answers and peace out there, no matter what life throws my way."

For Ala, nature isn't just a place to visit but a source of learning and adventure. As the leader of the Friluftsfrämjandet's hiking group, her goal is to provide children with the same sense of wonder and joy that she experiences every time she steps into the forest. "It doesn't have to be anything spectacular," she explains. "Just being out in nature, feeling the ground beneath my feet and the wind on my face, that's adventure enough for me." For the children in her group, Ala is more than just a leader – she's a mentor and a friend. By teaching them how to start a fire, boil hot chocolate, and grill sausages, she not only teaches them practical skills useful in the forest but also the importance of respect for animals and nature.

"I want the children to feel safe and confident when they're out in nature," Ala says. "To understand that they are part of something bigger and that they have the ability to influence and change the world around them."

For Ala, every outing into nature is a reminder of what truly matters in life. It's not money or status, but moments of stillness and beauty, community and joy. "When I'm out in nature, I feel alive," she says. "That's where I belong, where I find my peace and my courage. And that's where I hope to take all the children I lead on my adventures."