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The oldest Lundhags boot - 50 years and still in charge

In search for the oldest Lundhags boot

The oldest Lundhags boot - 50 years and still in charge

This is the oldest Lundhags boot

In connection with our 90th anniversary last year, we started the search for the oldest Lundhags boot. And what a treasure hunt it has been – we received almost 100 stories about boots that have experienced all sorts of adventures, and that have not only wandered in forests, mountains, and alps – but also over generations. Many thanks to everyone who shared your story with us!

It has taken some time, but now, after almost a year of searching, we are happy and proud to be able to present the oldest Lundhags boot: a ski-loving 50-year-old.

Yes, it turned out to be a ski boot. Which made us smile a bit extra wide, since Lundhags has a great fondness for the Swedish mountain landscape. The model is adapted for cable binding, and these two have been faithful companions to Hans Gälldin since 1972. After an even 50 years, they still fulfill their function, although Hans admits that the ski trips aren’t quite as long anymore:

"In 1972 I bought ski boots for my first trip, the Jämtland Triangle. The choice fell on a pair of Lundhag boots adapted for cable binding. It was a good choice. During the 70s I used the boots during many trips in Jämtland and also several long snow bivouac trips through Sarek.

The boots bring back many memories. Like when we finished a summit trip by skiing down the entire Pårtejekna. It was the end of our long trip. Despite protecting the boots with gaiters and duffel bags and sharing the sleeping bag with them every night, the shafts had become damp. When the downhill race ended after several kilometers, it was impossible to start diagonal skiing. The boot shafts had frozen and were as stiff as downhill boots!

50 years after the purchase, the boots still fulfill their function. Even if the ski trips are no longer so long. But we do an excursion every winter. And even behind the snow thrower, the boots are useful.

M v h / Hans Gälldin"