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Nils støvelhistorie

In search of the oldest Lundhags boot

Nils's boot story

“At the age of 20, my mother was able to buy her first proper hiking boots. We children have always seen her in these now very worn boots, almost regardless of the season.

They’ve been in for repair a couple of times at the shoemakers, but now the Certech part probably needs replacing. The outer soles are thin and smooth, so there’s no grip. My mother has always dreamed of climbing Kebnekaise and a few years ago it became a reality when we did it together. For this hike, we bought a pair of new Lundhags for mom, to keep her good and steady. Nevertheless, the old ones are still hanging on in there – you can’t get rid of boots with such soul :)

However, it does feel like it’s time to send them off for an overhaul in Järpen. Having had very good experiences with getting my own boots done a couple of times to improve the seams and change the soles, I think it’s probably time for mom’s. Thank you for a great introduction to outdoor life in these fantastic boots!

Yours truly,
Nils Åslund, son of Inga Olofsson”