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Our Product Philosophy

Our Product Philosophy

Long lifespan and timeless design

Our products should fulfil their purpose, be functional and have a wide range of uses – our trousers can be used for hiking, long-distance skating, skiing, playing with the kids, hunting, or training your dog, as just a few examples. They will last over time and look good whatever the season. Our goal is for all of our products to be repairable. We currently repair around 2,000 boots in Sweden, and we offer boot repair in Norway, Finland and Germany – where we have shoemaker partners.

Lundhags’ promise:
Many of our products can be used in all seasons.

Controlled working conditions

Since Lundhags is part of the BRAV group, we have a very comprehensive code of conduct. Part of this is that the company must strive for the smallest possible environmental impact, but the code also regulates working conditions at the factories, worker safety, reasonable pay, human rights and the right to organize. We regularly and continuously work on monitoring our suppliers.

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