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Mira & Thilda Berglind


Mira & Thilda Berglind

Meet our Lundhags friends Mira & Thilda, the sisters who create magic photography out of nature.

For sisters Mira and Thilda, nature has always had a strong appeal. Growing up out in the countryside, surrounded by forests in all directions, meant that they started gathering strength and inspiration outdoors from their very earliest years. Something they still do. Above all, it is the mountains that fascinate. They like the sense of feeling small and like to be dazzled by the grandiose.

"We’ve always been drawn to mountains. A favorite place is a small mountain located a few kilometers in the forest from the house we grew up in. Since childhood, we have called that mountain the 'Highest Peak'. If you climb up a tree there, you have a fantastic view of Kolmården forests. It feels a bit like you’re on the top of the world."

The free life between sisters

Their love of nature is reflected both at work and in their free time. They’re both photographers and filmmakers, and they often and preferably work together. Freedom and variety are important to them, and they enjoy that no two days are alike. Sometimes they are out on assignments on snow-covered mountains, sometimes in deep, green forests, and sometimes they snap photographs in dusty desert landscapes. To take photos of models in busy streets in a vibrant city the following week.

It was precisely the desire for variation and freedom that led them to focus on their great interest, which they had not regretted for a second. And you can understand that. They work on something that they enjoy, while also gathering wonderful experiences, discovering new places and meeting exciting people. What more do you need?

What has been your best adventure so far?

"We’ve had many more or less crazy adventures together. One of the best was when we woke up on a mountain peak in a stunning winter landscape in Norway, after a tough hike, in the dark, and without good equipment."

Is there a photo assignment that you dream of carrying out?

"A photography and filming session we dream of doing is shooting and filming up in the mountains, either in Norway or in France. Another is to hang out with Lundhag’s other ambassadors, listen to their travels, adventures and document it with our camera. Preferably filmed on 16 mm."

What’s the best thing about being outdoors?

"The freedom, the air, the scent, the calm, the sounds... It takes so little to feel complete."

Favorite season (if you have one), why?

"Every season has its charm, but if we’re going to choose one, it’s summer! We love the light, the long nights, the chirping birds, and being able to spend a long time outdoors without freezing. We’re not really into skiing, but we’ve started to appreciate winter more and more now that we’ve learned to wear the right clothes!"

What are you looking forward to in 2024?

“Collecting precious memories, fresh air and going on adventures with our VW van!”

About Mira and Thilda

Name: Mira and Thilda Berglind

Born: Lundaskog

Live: Stockholm, Sweden

Job: Photographers and filmmakers

Other interests: Going on adventures and being out in nature

Three important (things in life): Friends, dogs and mountains

Favorite garment (Lundhags): All boots!

Days out per year: As many as we can!