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Bli kjent med Lundhags

Bli kjent med Lundhags

Lundhags is a Swedish outdoor brand founded 1932 in Jämtland. Through our knowledge and experience we’ve enabled outdoor experiences for more than nine decades. Our passion and fascination for nature is there in every step.

We believe that enjoying the outdoors should not be a question of money, knowledge or accessibility. It is a basic right. We offer quality for everyone, from skilled adventurers to first time hikers. We’re on a trail that anyone can follow. A trail leading to mountains, frozen lakes and ancient forests. But also to the park, the campfire and new friendships. We’re a inclusive force and our mission is to get more people outdoors. Every journey starts with a step. From the first step to the millionth we’re here. Cause we’re mad about nature.

For 89 years, we have seen the seasons change – along with weather, activities, and peoples’ dreams. Having our roots in the demanding mountain region of Jämtland, Sweden, means that we have learnt the importance of having reliable and comfortable boots, clothes, and equipment; and not to mention, we know the value of sustainability.

When choosing a pair of boots, a piece of clothing or a backpack from Lundhags you can rest assured that it will last both when the seasons change, and over time. Our products are made for you to enjoy wearing, and to use for a very long time; a thought-trough collection, made from durable materials, with high repairability, and a Lundhags feel to every detail.


All of our materials are carefully selected to match our high quality criteria. Also, they should have the smallest environmental impact possible. This means that we want to have few, and long-lasting collaborations with suppliers and manufacturers who share our view on sustainability.

Sustainable Materials

All of our materials are carefully chosen to have as little impact on the environment as possible. To name a few, we use materials such as Lundhags PolyCotton, cellular rubber, high quality leather and mulesing free merino wool.

Its all in the details

To make lasting clothes, boots and backpacks, you need materials you can rely on. This is why we choose only high-quality details down to every buckle, strap, zipper and webbing.

Long lasting craftmanship

When in the outdoors, there is no room for compromise on materials nor quality. All of our boots, backpacks and clothes are made with world class craftsmanship and high repairability as as the main ingredients.


When in the outdoors, comfort and functionality is crucial. All of our jackets are thoroughly worked-through in terms of design, function and features to enhance your experience. We have updated all of our LPC (Lundhags PolyCotton) fabrics with newly developed LPC fabrics in organic cotton and recycled polyester. This means that a large part of our jackets now are even more sustainable.

Mens Jackets
Womens Jackets


When developing our new range of backpacks, we had a couple of core components in mind. First of all, we chose truly hard wearing and durable materials of highest quality. We also made them as repairable as possible, in the unfortunate event that they would break. And most of all, we wanted them to have as little impact on the environment as possible. View our Backpacks.


No matter what you are about to do, where you want to go or what you plan to see, there are a couple of key features that will take you there. Curiosity, energy and a will to explore, of course. And comfortable pants with just the right features. No matter what your preferences are, and what you need in order to enhance your experience in the outdoors, we have the pants for you.

Mens Pants
Womens Pants

Shell Boots

Our boots are made according to the shell principle. Instead of putting several layers together, we do what active outdoors people have always done when getting dressed – we keep the layers apart to keep you dry and comfortable through any weather. This means, they will also get dry quickly.

Mens Boots
Womens Boots

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