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Vedlikehold av Turskøyter

Vedlikehold av Turskøyter

Nordic skates can last a long time if you take care of them properly. Here are some tips from our ambassador, Per Sollerman, on how to best care for your skates.

Invest in Quality Skates

  • Choose Wisely: Invest in a high-quality pair of skates. Quality skates with better steel are easier to sharpen and more durable.
  • Seek Expert Advice: Consult experienced skaters or visit a knowledgeable store to ensure you get a pair that lasts.

Regular Maintenance

  • Initial Sharpness: Most skates are pre-sharpened, but giving them an extra sharpening can enhance their performance.
  • Check Screws: Always check the screws of the bindings before heading out to ensure they are tight.
  • Blade Condition: Regularly check the blade’s condition. Test sharpness by scraping it against a nail – if it leaves scratches, it’s sharp enough.

Sharpen and Protect

  • Regular Sharpening: Sharpen your skates regularly as blades get dull from stones, branches, and sand on the ice.
  • Post-Ride Care: Dry your skates thoroughly after each ride. Use blade guards or a ventilated skate bag, and store the skates binding against binding to protect the blades and yourself.
  • Avoid Rust: Rinse the skates with water when you get home, dry them completely, and store them in a dry place.

Tips for When You’re Out on the Ice

  • Carry a Whetstone: Bring a small stone or diamond whetstone to remove burrs from the blades, keeping them sharper for longer.
  • Safety First: Ice skates and spikes are sharp. Be mindful of how you travel on the ice and who you are with. Learn more about ice safety and the basics of Nordic skating on our website.
  • Beware of Cracks: Avoid skating parallel to lengthwise cracks in the ice, as getting stuck can cause serious injuries.

Learn More

Want to dive deeper into ice touring or explore our skate collection? Visit our website for more information.

Take care of your Nordic skates, and they’ll take care of you on your icy adventures!