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Atilla Yoldas


Atilla Yoldas

Meet our Lundhags friend who works and lives with his ever-present interests.

I was one of the people who spent more time in the forest than in my room on free days from school and the one who ran away from class on trips to nature reserves to build a hideout under a windfall and I thought I was ready with my lunch, magnifying glasses and books about Swedish flora. No, my teachers weren't super happy when I was devoting myself to the latter.

I never got enough of the forests, animals and adventures in nature. When other children watch children’s programs, I adapted my schedule (read: time for play, comic books or homework) after Steve Irwin’s program was shown on Animal Planet.

Even today, I can spend hours reading books, plowing through documentaries and listening to podcasts that spread knowledge about outdoor life. Bushcrafting, hiking, mountaineering, camping – you name it! The pandemic in particular pushed me to tackle my nature-linked interests and fully embrace them. This summer, my partner became a little concerned when I started to take work meetings and write journalistic texts in my home-built shelter in the local forest.

Naturally, the fact that we have a Siberian Husky, our beloved Lillie, means that experiences outside are enhanced multiple times. Lillie is just as obsessed with adventure as we are. In recent years, the family has embarked on the Jämtland Triangle, kayaked, cross-country skiing around Åre, stayed in our own bivouac and always plans the next experience as soon as we’ve finished.

I have long realized that my desire to live in nature also goes hand in hand with my lifelong commitment to equality, as a journalist and now as an activist. That sustainability issues relating to the climate, environment and animals often touch on social sustainability. And that there are many of us in the movement for equality that is also passionate about the planet.

My goal when I share outdoor activities in my social channels – in addition to hopefully inspiring other beginners to go out into nature – is also to highlight sustainability issues, both social and climate-related. In order to fight for equality, we need a sustainable planet to start from. We need to take care of both. For everyone’s sake

Every time I go camping, kayaking, hiking or exploring nature, I think of those who grew up without the same privileges as me. That, unlike me, grew up with a physical or mental distancing to the forests, water and nature. I want to inspire others who, like me, have a foreign background, who often feel unwelcome in the outdoors, to also take a place in nature. Nature belongs to everyone – and everyone is responsible for caring. I am proud to be one of Lundhag’s friends and that they share the fight for both climate and social sustainability and justice.

Every time I step into my clothes and wear my Lundhags gear, I think of the little guy who escaped from the woods with the class and spent several hours in front of Animal Planet.

I hope that more people will fall in love with our forests, lakes, plants and animals. That, if anything, is a lifelong love.

Hope to see you on an adventure.