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Vandra II High Wide


Vandra II High Wide

Price: €430

A classic high shell boot. The boot has a 1-layer construction consisting of a waterproof bottom part and an upper part in durable leather. Protects from dirt and moisture while supporting the foot when hiking on challenging terrain. Designed to last a long time and is easy to repair. Lifetime warranty included.

The Vandra II High has a classic 1-layer shell construction. This means that it has a layer of leather at the top and a lower layer of waterproof and stable cellular rubber. This combination has proven to be perfectly suited to the Swedish terrain and has been successful since the 1960s. The boot is both breathable and protects your feet and lower legs, while keeping dirt and moisture out. By choosing socks, you can then adjust the temperature so that the boot is suitable for all seasons. The robust pull loop and additional features inspired by more advanced hiking boots make the Vandra just as well suited for local excursions as it is for hiking in the most pristine forests. The shell construction means the boots are not lined, making them perfect for wading, and they dry quickly even if they become completely waterlogged. Remember to always use two socks (merino wool) for best comfort. The boots are very durable and made to be easy to repair. Their durable construction makes it only natural that the boots come with a lifetime warranty
  • High shaft in 1-layer leather construction, equipped with a padded collar.
  • Lower part in very durable and waterproof 3,5 mm cellular rubber.
  • Sturdy pull loop in the back.
  • Vibram Traction Outsole
  • Moen Wool Insole with wool felt lining and biobased PU foam.
  • Internal midsole in insulating and shock absorbing EVA
  • Durable laces with heat welded tips, made in 100% recycled polyester.
  • Protective TPU toe-cap reinforcement.
  • Produced in Portugal.

Excellent for

  • Classic Trekking


  • Breathability

  • Durability

  • Insulation

  • Quick-dry

  • Support

  • Water protection

Engineered with some the best technologies in the world.