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Professional II High


Professional II High

Price: €530

Park is a sleek and classic 1-layer boot made of full-grain leather, suitable for both mountainous terrain and lower-altitude landscapes.

A mid-cut classic Lundhags 1-layer shell boot for your everyday outdoor life. Park is a high-quality full-grain leather boot that serves as a stable companion for any hiking adventure. Crafted with Heinen Terracare Leather, a waterproof cellular rubber bottom, and our Lundhags Wayfinder outsole, it ensures durability and lightweight performance. Park is designed for easy repair, providing years of enjoyment for the user.
  • 1-layer boot with a medium high shaft in full grain leather
  • Cellular rubber bottom with Certech 2.0 construction that is light and more flexible.
  • Lundhags Wayfinder outsole made in soft 60 ShA rubber compound for good grip.
  • Rear pull loop.
  • Made to last and to be repaired.
  • Produced in Portugal.
  • Durable laces with heat welded tips, made in 100% recycled polyester.
  • Protective TPU toe-cap reinforcement.
  • Produced in Portugal.

Excellent for

  • Outdoor Life


  • Breathability

  • Durability

  • Insulation

  • Lightweight

  • Quick-dry

  • Support

  • Water protection

Engineered with some the best technologies in the world.