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Price: €320

A robust wool felt insole with stabilising foam cushioning, specially designed for hiking boots and hiking shoes.

Moen Wool Insole is a durable wool felt insole with stabilising foam cushioning for hiking boots and walking shoes. Wool is breathable, regulates body temperature and keeps you warm, even if you get wet. The material is also naturally odour-repellent, so the sole stays fresh for longer. The properties of wool are perfect for your feet during outdoor activities where moisture and cold can be your biggest challenges. Developed for our hiking boots but fits most other boots and shoes.
  • Top layer of warming wool.
  • Recycled PU foam with excellent cushioning properties
  • Efficient insulation properties
  • Easy to change in your boot
  • Made to last and to be repaired.
  • Produced in Portugal.

Excellent for

  • Outdoor Life


  • Breathability

  • Durability

  • Insulation

  • Lightweight

  • Quick-dry

  • Support

  • Water protection