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Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy

To ensure a systematic approach to sustainability, we adhere to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our strategy is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

• Good health and well-being
(UN goal no. 3).

• Decent work and economic growth
(UN goal no. 8).

• Responsible consumption and production
(UN goal no. 12)

• Climate action
(UN goal no. 13)

• Life below water
(UN goal no. 14)

• Clean water and sanitation & Life on land
(UN goals no’s 6 and 15).

Based on these focus areas, we have developed a strategy for Lundhags’ sustainable development which we summarize in four points.

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Lundhags’ focus areas

We will reduce our climate impact, balance our business, take responsibility for our fellow human beings and invest in circular services.

Reduce climate change:
We will measure our carbon footprint and reduce it by 30% by 2030.

Balance business:
We will create balanced economic growth. Balance: Stock, Margins, Profit, Distribution.

Empower people:

• Employees: We will strive to ensure both physical and mental good health among ouremployees.
• Customers: We will inspire our customers to promote their well-being through hiking and being out in nature.
• Suppliers and partners: We will ensure that those who work with Lundhags receive reasonable pay, with equality in the workplace, a safe working environment and reasonable working hours.

Circular responsibility:

We will develop our circular services and be 80% circular by 2030. Specifically, this means that, among other things, we need to find and use materials that are recy cled or recyclable and free from fossil substan ces. We must ensure that our raw material require ments are produced in a sustainable way and do not displace natural habitats. We must also ensure that everyone who works in our value chain does so under good conditions.

We shall use as little as possible of the earths resources.

Using as little as possible of the earth’s resources is crucial for sustainability. To achieve this, we need production to be sustainable and our products to be used over and over again. We therefore want to create products that can be repaired, altered and re-used

We want to help you as our customer to make sustainable choices in many different ways, for example through guides, meet-ups, inspiration and care advice. Link to our Lundhags Journal

We will reduce the footprint we leave through materials, waste and energy use using sustain able design and sustainable production methods.

Instead of encouraging unnecessary consumption, we want to make it easy for our customers to make sustainable choices by offering clothes-for-hire and second-hand sales of our products. See our parter Outdoorbuddies.

We want to create products that can be easily repaired or altered so they’re still useful even when your needs change. Our repair services.

Using what we have
We make the most of our waste and create new products from residual materials and unsold items.

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