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10 Hiking Tips Near Stockholm

10 Hiking Tips Near Stockholm!

Stockholm is surrounded by beautiful nature, perfect for hiking and exploring. Here are some favorite areas for a nature-filled adventure. Use (also available as a downloadable app) to find trail suggestions.

1. Tyresta National Park

Wander through the easy-going pine forests on rocky ground. Discover more about this enchanting spot here.

2. Bogesundslandet

Located in Vaxholm, Bogesundslandet offers a variety of trails through forests, fields, and along the water. Follow the marked hiking, riding, and cycling paths that lead to scenic spots worth visiting. Learn more here.

3. Lovön

An island in Lake Mälaren, Lovön features beautiful forests and easy hikes suitable for families. Enjoy the natural beauty and nearby waters. Find out more here.

4. Paradiset at Granby/Lissma

In Huddinge, discover the Lännaskogen and Paradiset nature reserves. With four different areas—Lissma-Kvarnsjön, Hanveden, Granby, and Lännaskogen—there's plenty to explore. Learn more here.

5. Sörmlandsleden

A beautiful trail to hike, especially around Sandasjön. Enjoy the scenic routes and peaceful surroundings. More information here.

6. Hellasgården

Just 15 minutes from Stockholm City, Hellasgården offers various activities including swimming, sauna, kayaking, and more. Discover all it has to offer here.

7. Stendörren

Located on the Sörmland coast, Stendörren offers stunning coastal views and trails. Learn more here.

8. Gömmaren

A great spot for hiking, fishing, and horseback riding, located conveniently close to the city. More information here.

9. Gålö Nature Reserve

Visit Gålö year-round for beautiful hikes along the beaches, cliffs, and through the forest. Discover more here.

10. Norra Djurgården

Only 10 minutes from Stockholm city, Norra Djurgården offers wonderful walking paths and a peaceful escape. Learn more here.

Get out and explore these incredible spots near Stockholm. Each offers unique landscapes and experiences, perfect for every nature lover. Happy hiking!