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Mission, Vision & Values


Mission, Vision & Values

Swedish outdoor brand dating back to 1932 - designing and developing sustainable and durable boots, clothes and backpacks for trekking and outdoor life - Products that lasts a long time.

Our Manifest:

“Here’s to nature. The towering mountains. The endless horizons. The plateaus. Dark forests, blue skies and thundering clouds. The howling winds and the breathtaking silence. The rapids, streams, lakes and wild oceans. Snow, ice and rain. Sunrises and sunsets. Nature doesn’t judge. Nature only gives. This marvelous source of energy. Where some see resources, we aim for resources untouched. Nature needs care and protection to remain a place for all of us to roam free and find peace of mind. A place where we all can be ourselves and follow that hidden trail leading to nowhere and everywhere. Since 1932, when shoemaker Jonas Lundhag began crafting his first pair of boots in a small workshop in the Swedish wilderness region of Jämtland, we’ve been mad about nature.”

Our Mission:

We want to enable people to experience nature.

We want to inspire and empower people to live a sustainable life through all-year trekking and other outdoor activities.

Our Vision:

Lundhags – a life-long companion

Our Values:

Engaging - Inclusive - Responsible

Our mission, vision and values leads us in our work with developing products, services and our business.

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