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Buying Trekking Pant

Trekking Pant Guide

Choosing the right outdoor pants can be challenging with so many options available. Our designer has created a guide to help you navigate through Lundhags' outdoor pants, focusing on function, comfort, and durability. These pants are designed for hiking and trekking, making them long-lasting companions.

7 Steps to Choosing the Right Outdoor Pants

1. Comfort and Ease of Movement: Most of our pants have stretch panels over the knees and seat areas.

2. Breathability: We use breathable, quick-drying materials with ventilation zippers for airflow. Pockets and fly openings also help.

3. Reinforcements: Look for reinforced areas to withstand harsh environments during demanding treks.

4. Sustainability: We use durable, recycled, and/or organic materials to ensure longevity.

5. Wind and Water Resistance: Our pants have fluorocarbon-free DWR treatment for water and dirt repellence. For rainy days, carry waterproof pants as ours are designed to be breathable and quick-drying.

6. Perfect Fit: We offer diverse sizes and fits to suit all body shapes. Models like Makke, Authentic, and Traverse come in long, short, and wide sizing. The latest addition is our Makke High Waist for women.

7. Design & colors: Our pants feature functional, classic designs with a modern twist, ensuring long-lasting appeal. Colors that are inspired by nature with a timeless palette.

Popular Outdoor Pants Categories

We offer a range of hiking pants from technical and advanced models to simpler everyday styles. Below are our most popular outdoor pants, divided into different categories to help you find your favorite—from technical trekking pants to simpler everyday styles:

Technical and Lightweight Trekking Pants

Below we have divided our most popular outdoor pants into different categories to make it easier for you to find your favourite – from technical trekking pants to simplier everyday styles:

Technical and lightweight trekking pants

Season: Spring/summer
Price level: 1700-2400 SEK

These are our most technical but lightweight pants for trekking – they all include stretch for ease of movement. They are all relatively light, with ventilation possibilities and with breathable fabrics. The main material is a mix of recycled polyester and organic cotton. Perfect choice for spring/fall and summer conditions - add a base layer and use them also in winter time.

  • NEW! Padje stretch pant is developed for the advanced trekker who doesn’t want to compromise on toughness, comfort, or lightness. The main fabric offers comfort and breathability, and we have reinforced the knee and seat area with a strong nylon stretch fabric that gives superior abrasion-resistance and still feels soft and flexible to your body.
  • Makke is our most popular pant, thanks to large stretch panels that makes it both durable and flexible to fit most body types – both straight and curved ones. This style has a sporty and technical narrow look. Comes in both long and short sizing and a lot of different colour combinations. Experience Makke Buy Makke
  • Askro is completely made of durable and double-woven stretch materials. They are light, stretchy, have ventilation zippers and a narrow fit.
  • Makke Light is designed for hiking during the warmer time of the year and combines functional and stretchy materials to provide both durability and freedom of movement. Buy Makke Light
  • Tived Zip Off For you who wants a covertible alternative we offer Lykka Zipoff. Perfect companion on the hike or travel as it saves space and reduces weight in your back pack.

Technical Trekking Pants for Fall/Winter

Season: Fall/Winter
Price: 2500-3200 SEK

These technical pants are made from sturdier materials with waterproof panels, ensuring durability and weather resistance. The main fabric is a mix of recycled polyester and organic cotton with a wax treatment for enhanced weather protection. They feature spacious pockets, ventilation options, and breathable fabrics, making them ideal for fall and winter tours. The regular fit allows room for a base layer underneath.


  • Makke Pro: Based on the popular Makke Pant, but with a more weather-resistant material mix. Features large stretchy, waterproof panels over the knees and seat, making it perfect for trekking in colder, unstable seasons.
  • Abisku Hybrid Bib Pant: Designed for winter touring, these pants mix rugged and durable materials for robust protection against the elements. Waterproof fabrics in exposed areas include stretch for freedom of movement. They have roomy thigh pockets, multiple ventilation options, and snow gaiters for maximum protection.

Durable Outdoor/Trekking Pants

Season: Spring/Summer/Fall
Price: 1700-2400 SEK

These durable outdoor pants are made from a mix of recycled polyester and organic cotton, ideal for trekking and various outdoor activities like bushcraft and gardening. They are especially popular for dog and horse activities.


  • Authentic: Our most durable pant, featuring large stretch panels for unlimited flexibility. Classic design with practical features. Available in long and short/wide sizes.
  • Traverse: A popular classic, this is our first stretch hybrid pant, combining solid and stretch fabrics for durability and ease of movement. Refined over the years for sustainability. Available in long and short/wide sizes.
  • Fulu Cargo: A versatile stretch hybrid pant for adventures, workdays, or strolls. The durable fabric mix offers both function and style for optimal performance and comfort.

Trekking tights

Season: Spring/summer/fall
Gender: Women
Price: Ca 1500 SEK

After observing more and more women hiking in their training tights we decided to develop and design a tight for demaning trekking.

Tausa tight is the result where we combine functional materials and freedom of movement with thought-through details in a new silouette.

Fulu Wool tight are made of knitted merino wool that keeps you comfortably warm whether you're active outdoors or relaxing on the sofa. They are reinforced with stretch nylon on the seat, knees and lower leg.