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Boot Fit Guide

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Boot Fit Guide

Find the Perfect Fit When Choosing Boots

To find the ideal size, measure your foot to see which size suits you best. Remember to account for two pairs of wool socks in the boot. If you're between two sizes, it's generally better to go up a size. It's essential that the boots feel comfortable right away since only the leather will mold slightly to your foot over time. The size is correct if the front feels spacious, the heel fits snugly, and the boots don't slip as you walk.

How to Measure Your Foot:

  • Wear a thin sock and place your heel against a wall.
  • Measure both feet and note the longer foot length.
  • Add 2 cm for extra toe room and compare your measurement with the chart below.

Different fits

For our shell boots, we offer three different fits:

  • Wide – for wider and higher feet,
  • Slim – for narrower feet,
  • Medium – for those who fall in between.

Most people need Medium Fit

Do you usually need wider fit you probably new Wide Fit in our shell boots. If you most of the time feel that your boots are too wide you should try out our slim versions.

Did you know you can also order Custom Fit?