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Eva Bromée

Professional hunter

Eva Bromée

Meet our Lundhags friend Eva, professional hunter and dog lover.

Nature Personified: Eva Bromée, the hunter, the dog trainer, and the wilderness guide is more outside than in. Spring, summer, autumn and winter – she lives in and off the nature.

"Goes and picks mushrooms for an hour up at Kylträsk. Has no coverage there but I can text when I'm down again: D". It's been two hours since another text message appeared on the screen. "Calling you tomorrow! It was drizzle and hail. And now diners are coming: D". Our meeting would probably have gone more smoothly if I had jumped into a rough-shod quad bike and accelerated up to the heights of Vindelfjällen after her. In the end, we still sit down and can talk. The chanterelle hunt went well and the dinner guests were full and satisfied.

Eva has her roots in the Jämtland village of Klövsjö, "the world's best village". Nowadays she starts from Ammarnäs where the beautiful Vindelälven makes a narrow curve.

Autumn and winter are intense for Eva. Moose are hunted and dogs are trained. Eva has pointers for bird hunting and uses greyhounds for stray dog ​​hunting. With the chocolate brown kelpie "Illu" it is possible to carry out a slightly different and exciting hunt.

- Kelpien goes in a band. When we hunt together, we sneak together on the prey. Then it is of course important to be very quiet. It's special.

It is not difficult to become jealous of Eva as the adventurous zero. When she tells me about her upcoming adventures, I want to follow her out right away.

Eva often moves through the beautiful, untouched Vindelfjällen, during the hunt, which usually lasts a couple of days without the group returning to civilization. Still, Eva tries to keep the pack down.

- On a three-day trip, a backpack of 34 liters is enough. There you get all the food and equipment you need, says Eva who chooses a simple and functional living standard in the mountains. A simple mountain hut as a base camp is good enough.

For Eva, the hunt is not about shooting for the sake of shooting. Of course, the hunt also gives her an adrenaline rush. At the same time, when Eva describes how she lives in nature, it is as far from trophy hunting as you can get.

- I really have no desire to kill animals. Sometimes I have to hunt but then I never shoot more than I need to. If we have a full freezer box, I would never go out, says Eva, who on the contrary can just as easily let the rifle rest.

- Sometimes I think of a movie quote where an old, old aunt is going to slaughter a goat that has been close to her; "You have given me warmth, you have given me love and now you will also give me flesh". I recognize myself very well, the moment of death will always be difficult. Sometimes she just watches the animals, to simply learn things about them. Lessons she needs in her role as a responsible hunter. Like the impending grouse hunt.

- If the weather is bad when the grouse incubate, it will often be a bad grouse year. In the early summer, there was a lot of hail when the grouse lay on eggs. After the storm, I was out looking for broilers to see how many had hatched. Then I thought about how they had done so well.

- To just sit and look at some moose, how they are towards each other, I think is nice.

Once Eva is in the mountains, she uses nature's resources and ancient, well-proven methods for preserving, storing and preparing food. Meat and fish are salted and dried. A cold source becomes a natural refrigerator. The meat that the hunt donates is always taken care of in the best way.

Living in the mountains all year round has made Eva an intensive user of equipment for outdoor life. Boots, trousers, undergarments, intermediate layers, shell and quilted jackets. There are not many garments that Eva does not have opinions and views on. Healthy and insightful as well.

When it comes to boots, it is the ones with the higher shafts that apply. The benefits are several, according to Eva.

- I think it is very nice with high boots. They provide such good support. I usually tighten my boots extra hard and take bars, much like when you go out on the ice in hockey, she says and praises the cellular rubber boots' waterproofness.

- My high Syncro boots are great to wade with. It is also perfect that I can fasten the boots with the trousers so that you protect yourself even better, says Eva who also appreciates the advantages that Lundhag's classic leather boots have.

- They dry very quickly compared to membrane-equipped boots. Even though my boots are soaked in the evening, they are dry the next day. Just take out the soles and place everything next to the stove. But not too close, I have noticed. If they get too hot, they can shrink a little, haha. When the winter is extra cold, as it often is where Eva lives, she has a good tip for those who are still freezing even though the boots are of the warmer kind. Freezing is, as always, highly individual.

- Sometimes it can be minus 30 degrees when I'm out. Then I have shoe hay and home-made inserts in the boots.

The outdoor life does not end in the winter for Eva. It just happens in a different guise. Among other things, she tries to catch up with fishing. Eva is generous with tips on some of southern Lapland's best fishing waters in winter.

- Gavasjaure and Tjålmejaure are great lakes. In the summer, Kylån is great, where there are lots of char and trout, says Eva, whose absolute finest fishing tips are on the other side of the national border.

- In Virevattnet in Norway, the largest chars go.

Free time and holidays, does she have time for that and where does she prefer to go then? It's a bit complicated, she explains. The leave is like being baked into the job, which is also life, and it never really stops.

- Leisure can be when I get to hunt for a while myself, she says and explains: If she only had time, she would like to go abroad and reveal her dream trip.

- I would not say no to a trip to Greenland or Alaska, for the sake of wildlife!