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Ullto Merino Ms Full Zip

Salg: 50%

Light Grey

Ullto Merino Ms Full Zip

Originalpris: 2 400 kr Salgspris: 1 200 kr

Warm and comfortable zippered midlayer, made from 100% mulesing-free Merio wool.

A warm and comfortable hoodie made from 100% Merino wool. The sweater’s clean design combined with the wonderful characteristics of wool make it useful for both outdoor life and urban environments. A multifunctional garment for you who needs a midlayer for all occasions – year-round. The wool fibers insulate well, regulate warmth, don’t smell, and work best during activities of varying intensities. Furthermore, wool retains its insulating capabilities even when wet. Ullto Merino Full Zip has the potential to become a daily favorite.

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